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What can be done in FINDEX?


An internet based financial data platform is most convenient when it is free of any charges and allows people all over the world to get in contact in order to sell and buy illiquid securities 24/7. It is an advantage when such websites make no difference between individuals like retail investors, common stockholders, stakeholders or shareholders, private or professional investors or institutions, companies, insurances, profit or non-profit organizations, banks, issuers, asset managers, brokers, funds, private equity firms or dealers. Common exchanges are organized as an over the counter market. Findex offers a free bulletin board style advertising system where potential sellers and buyers can find partners across the world for a trade of illiquid securities. A modern bulletin board style system is in general an intelligent, global and extensive growing network that connects all of the above mentioned groups, like retail and professional investors, shareholders, companies and institutions together. Many investors would like to get access to a market where all people and institutions can satisfy their need for liquidity without sacrificing control or restrictions. Findex created a way where technology, Findex’s expertise and the needs of people today come together to create opportunities to buy and sell illiquid securities and to connect with buyers and sellers worldwide.

A global network is generally easy to use for everybody and helps you navigate through the worldwide finance community. It is easy to become a member of the Findex community. There is no need for a complicated accreditation, the only details needed are a confirmed e-mail address and some information regarding your person (e.g. name, country, age)…that’s all to start.


Liquid papers can be traded on stock exchanges but it’s hard to find a place where illiquid securities find liquidity. Illiquid securities can be: illiquid listed or non-listed shares or bonds, illiquid equities, privately issued warrants, preferred stocks (e.g private company preferred shares, convertible preferred shares, restricted or unregistered preferred shares), common stocks (e.g. illiquid listed or private company shares, restricted or unregistered shares), asset back bonds, mortgage back securities, credit securities, consumer debts, corporate borrowings, corporate debts, notes of varying risks, loans, term asset back securities, securitized debts (debt securities/fixed income securities like government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, collateralized securities like CDOs and zero coupon securities), distressed debts, alternative investments, private equity funds, bank debts, bankruptcy claims, warrants, obligations, options, structured products, derivative structures, commodities, single stocks, convertible bonds (CVs) and many more! In short term: any illiquid papers you want to buy or sell.


The worldwide bond market is about several times larger than the global stock market. The core competences of places where illiquid papers can find liquidity are the understanding of illiquid markets and today's needs. The public markets no longer serve the needs of the worldwide investors. Public markets are restricted and are changing permanently. Findex offers its unique innovative and independent service for free. Innovative services are specialized in providing information with an ideas-driven approach to create opportunities, bringing markets and people together. An online platform leverages the coverage range of its strong international presence to identify buyers and sellers of illiquid assets worldwide. Findex is an open system that allows people to extend the Findex database. The network which Findex provides to its members constitutes a unique medium to arrange opportunities for transactions that may otherwise be deemed “untradable” because of illiquidity.


An online platform is available worldwide: in Europe (e.g. Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg), in North and South America (e.g. in the north in Canada and in the emerging markets in Latin America like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, the Caribbean states), in the eastern European countries (e.g. Russia, the Balkans), in China, in the Arabic and Middle East countries (e.g. in Dubai, Qatar, Oman), in the developing African areas (e.g. Morocco, Egypt, South Africa), in the arising Southeast Asian countries (e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand), in Australia and New Zealand as well as in the Pacific Ocean territories. In short term, nearly all over the world; but those services are not available for the US-market, because of their restrictions. An online platform offers opportunities worldwide to buy and sell illiquid securities like bonds and loans.


You are able to see how many people are actively watching the security or how many bidders have put in a price. The list of offers is at any time fully visible. You can also negotiate prices and sizes by placing your own ad which is visible for any member at those marketplaces. So your ad gets the most visibility. Once two members agree on a deal the email addresses of the engaged members will get swapped and they can start the transfer process which takes place e.g. by simultaneous delivery versus payment (DVP) between the sellers bank and the buyers bank. Besides the marketplace, an online platform offers several additional services like: a huge number of company information, a watch list function, a forum for sharing information between members, an address book for closed contacts, a huge number of filters and alerts and an interface where ads and data can be transferred to the database.


The interface allows members to provide company’s information by easily uploading relevant data to the database, a special accreditation besides the membership is not required.


Across all borders an online platform creates an efficient and transparent place by becoming an independent provider of information about liquidity for illiquid securities – the global presence of an online platform is unique. Under the platform buyers and sellers have 24 hours a day the possibility to post their buy and sell ads to the board style advertising system An online platform is more transparent than any other traditional market in the world. An online-information database is not limited by national borders, there are no opening times and there are often no fees to pay for the use of the system. Stock exchanges or banks especially investment banks may not favor increased transparency, because this can hurt their profit, they make money from the margins that come with the price volatility, they won’t easily give that up. The principle of an online platform is mostly to create a place where people across all countries can place their buy and sell ads for illiquid securities for free. These board style advertising systems work nearly without any restrictions: no national borders, no difference regarding the members, no market borders, no opening times, no intransparency, no fees.

There could be various reasons for using an online network, such as: buying and selling illiquid papers, get easy access to a global network and the worldwide investing community, manage and find liquidity for shares, increase the value of stock options for employees’, managers, founders and business angels, diversify your shares, generate opportunities, organize security buybacks for illiquid papers, buy securities before the IPO takes place, don’t let yourself dominate by traditional systems in your investment decision, don’t be affected through any charges, discover investment opportunities, target new capital, create secondary liquidity, avoid over-concentration in a single market, observe, share and get information about illiquid securities.


Findex is an independent online platform with a member focus, transparent, professional and above all, is free!

An online network is reinventing the worldwide markets by creating an own worldwide accessible platform that redefines the traditional behavior of markets and stock exchanges. An online platform is empowering their members to enable and mobilize their community to get access to the worldwide investing community in a simple way which is mostly free of charges to create a new modern and better market.



An online platform provides a unique opportunity for liquidity – access to the worldwide investing community at any time. Do not trust in limited networks or limited exchanges with high fees. Generate your own opportunities by registering to a worldwide 24/7 system for illiquid securities with no charges!

Online business is network driven and provides members an independent venue to receive market information as well as providing worldwide access to the investing community and to open up opportunities to trade illiquid international securities.

Whichever path you choose, with an online database you have the ability in your hands to get access to the worldwide investing community.

Navigating the complex world of stock and bond markets can be daunting, even for experienced investors. An online platform simplifies the global markets and is changing the way retail and professional investors, shareholders, companies and institutions transact securities. An online platform offers liquidity and transparency for their members.




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